The Printing Process

All orders are received in our Customer Services Department. Each order is thoroughly read, processed, and invoiced. This invoice number also becomes your art file number for future re-orders and allows us to track your job through the plant and for future reorders.

Next the job goes to our Pre-Press Department. Artwork is then pre-flighted, “placed”, “scanned” or “typeset”. Orders are grouped together by card stock and ink colors, then printing plates are produced directly from our computer-to-plate system.

In the Press Room, the presses are inked, plates are mounted and registered and the orders are printed.

The Slitting/Shipping Department slits the cards, boxes, wraps, labels and ships each order.

Quality Control checks are performed at every step in our operation to ensure the quality and accuracy of each order. If a question arises, no matter where the order is in production, we will call you. We always strive to “do it right the first time”.

This has been a brief tour of our production facility. We hope this explanation has helped you to know our operation better.