Quality Printing from Your Files

Digital Files

The use of Digital Graphics Files can help reduce the degradation in print quality that is normally experienced when trying to reproduce artwork. Therefore, we are pleased to offer our Authorized Dealers the opportunity to provide specific types of digital graphics files to produce Business Card orders.

The BCE South Storefront, and all of the other approaches we use to create digital graphics files, completely avoids the need to "share" type font files - a practice that is in clear violation of software license agreements and copyright laws. If you are using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or Macromedia Freehand; or, if you are using Adobe PageMaker or QuarkXpress, and Adobe Acrobat Distiller, then you have the facilities needed to produce artwork files that are compatible with our PC based computerized graphics system.


Business card graphics should be developed as outlined in the specifications for the Standard Business Card Layout Template; and, in the instructions for Producing Business Card Orders. There are also Additional Specifications shown below.

The digital files we receive are processed and then placed into a standard page layout facility. They are grouped with other orders calling for the same card stock and ink colors. Then, final artwork is produced and printing plates are generated.

Standard 2-color offset printing presses are used to print business card orders. Therefore, compatible digital graphics files use only 2 (C M Y K) process colors (Magenta and Black) to represent the actual ink colors to be printed.


Color Assignments

Be certain to use the CMYK color palette when assigning (C M Y K) process colors to business card graphics.

For 1-Color Orders:
Black is used to represent Black Ink Color,
Use desired Ink Color to represent Any Other Ink Color.

For 2-Color Orders:
Use desired Ink Colors to represent Ink Color


Digital File Compatibility

BCE South is making every reasonable effort to stay current with the ever changing graphics arts computer technology. Nonetheless, there are limitations as to the types of files that we are currently able to use. Further, the file conversion process does not always yield an exact replica of the original artwork. Therefore, it is best to avoid complex production techniques and to always re-open, examine, and print a copy of your final output file(s).  Build and save all process color files in CMYK.


Type Fonts

Please do not attempt to send type font files. Doing so may be in violation of license agreements and copyright laws. Instead, generate an Acrobat PDF file with embedded fonts; or, create outlines (curves or paths) to convert all text to graphics.



Illustrations "placed" (imported / embedded) into a document may not be properly incorporated into the final output file. Therefore, it is important to provide a copy of all "placed" artwork files as well as the final digital graphics file. Three types of "placed" illustration files are supported: 1) Adobe Illustrator files (vector outline forms capable of being edited); 2) Tiff Bitmap files (in 1-bit, black and white form) which allow a single color to be assigned in our page layout facility; and, 3) Tiff Grayscale files (in 8-bit, black and white form) which also allow a single color to be assigned in our page layout facility. Bitmap and Grayscale graphics should be scaled to the correct size, imaged at 600 dpi, and closely cropped. Download templates for various applications here.


Screens and Halftones

Screens and half tones are printed at 85 lpi. For best screen results, specify tint values between 20 and 40 percent. For best half tone results, provide a Tiff Grayscale files in 8-bit, black and white form.


Trap and Hairline Registration

Apply and overprint a .5 pt. stroke to graphic elements where two colors touch. For best results "choke" or "spread" the lighter color element into the darker color element.


Additional Charges

Additional charges will be applied to digital file orders that do not follow these design specifications and/or require additional work to make them ready for production.


contact us

Please call (800) 282-5777, or e-mail us at bce@bcesouth.com, if you wish to learn more about how to provide business card graphics in digital computer files.