Sending your files has never been easier.

Simply go our Storefront to upload and place orders. By entering your Login ID and Password you have access to our online store. Don't have a Login ID and Password? Just give us a call 704.821.7503 and we can help!

Steps for the storefront.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login ID and Password.
  3. When you log in you view the “My Account” Quick Links page.
  4. Here you can choose to go to the catalog, view orders, change your Login ID and Password, etc.
  5. For uploading an order choose "Catalog" either from the Quick Links page or the tab at the top.
  6. From the BCE Catalog on the left choose your category. From BC’s to Magnets.
  7. Within the category choose the your design.
  8. Here you will select upload your artwork. All artwork should be the actual size of the template. (BC need to be   3.5x2 with .125 added for bleeds if necessary. #10 Env, 9.5x4.125 etc.) The templates for BC's are able to upload a single pdf/jpg or a multi-page file. If you file is 2-sided, please set pg 1 (Frt), pg 2 (Bk), pg 3 (ft) pg 4 (Bk), etc. Once uploaded, later your selection for the number of front and back inks will itemize your file into separate bc's.
  9. After you upload a crop box will appear. This will come up in the appropriate size of the template you have chosen. If bleeds are present within your upload they will be saved. Hit Save. If a 2 sided card, toggle between pages to review after you save.
  10. If everything looks good, hit review and approve. Here there is a disclaimer. Enter your initials to move forward. Hit next.
  11. Here you will choose your quantity, paper, number of front and back inks, choose ink colors and any finishing tasks needed. Update prices with any changes that you make.
  12. Add to cart when all selections are made. At this point if you need to add more item to the cart select "Add More Items/Continue Shopping". The next page gives you a review of your sections. Here you can add a memo, save card for later, change any options, view a .pdf, copy or remove the card entirely. (Note:  if you log out while items are in your cart you will lose them and have to start over. Always save for later first. Once the items are in "Save for Later" you can log in and out as many times as necessary until you add your item back into the cart.)
  13. Proceed to checkout. Select your "Ship to" address or enter a new one. Entering a new address here is usually used when drop ship is selected under the finishing tasks (additional cost will apply.) Must verify a new address before continuing.
  14. This next page is for shipping weight. Hit continue.
  15. Payment method page is used for a credit card payments if your company chooses to do so. Additional information for order if needed. P.O. or Mainline etc. Hit continue.
  16. Final page (Review page) reviews all of your selections. Once satisfied, place your order. Additional Instructions towards the bottom for any artwork that has any informational changes.
  17. Once you place your order and the processing is complete you have the ability to go back into the order just placed. If needed you can look over your order, upload additional artwork, etc.



Please call 704.821.7503, or e-mail us at